Isaku (sirmadness) wrote,

I suppose I'll never understand...that's what hurts the most. I want to know why they're so upset...

I was once asked by a young, naive young person: "What's your best pickup line?"

I responded truthfully, because my best line has always been this: "Do you think I'm ugly? No? Can I buy you a drink?"

Judging by their responses, you'd think I'd actually said "I enjoy killing kittens, drowning babies, and murdering grandparents. Also, I want to rape you, beat you, and violate your soul, because, obviously, as a gay man who only has sex with other men, I want to commit endless, incessant violence against all women, everywhere!!!!"

I was raked across the coals! Told what a horrible, terrible, presumptuous rapist I was for daring to cut through the equine feces, and actually communicate honestly with people.

After about six months of careful and honest soul-searching: I have my response, and I feel proud to share it:

I refuse to apologize and feel guilty, just because I happen to have a better idea of what I like, simply because I'm older than you....
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