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How can grown-ups be such idiots?

So the Edmonton Catholic School Board saw fit to yank a group of students from a  California airport. Wringing their collective hands in a disgusting display of American-style soccer-mom meddling. All over the epic hurrcaine in the single-serving teapot that is swine flu. I can't exactly call these idiots up as I'm unsure which supposedly-educated dingbat made this asinine decision, and there's no reason to yell at a completely innocent target, when this is obviously the unilateral wet-dream of some thoughtless blowhard who is corrupted by his mini-fiefdom that is Public School Trusteeship. So I espouse my vitriol here:

You have ruined at least one kid's life. It was probably the only bright spot in some desperate teen's life to go to Mexico and get away from bullies and meddling parents and being treated like a kid but expected to have all the cognitive reasoning skills of an adult. Let's face it. These were band kids. They were not cool.

And you took it from them. Just because you could. Just because you had to exercise power. You could give less than a shit if these kids were happy, or fulfilled, or learning.

You run a school. You are supposed to teach these kids to reason and judge for themselves if the information that they receive on a day-to-day basis is valid and sound. How the hell are you supposed to do that if you can't even spot an obvious stir-the-pot story by Mainstream Media that even retarded 3rd graders could see from Mars?

Bet you YOUR kid wouldnt've been sent home. Selfish assholes.
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